3 Zodiac Signs May Fall Out Of Love & End Relationships This Week

February 5–11, 2024 is the week, and some of us have already started getting ready for what lies ahead

 We want to end our relationships as gracefully and amicably as possible, but we have been considering doing so. This split has been on the minds of three zodiac signs for a while, and it might be time.

The transits this week can help us cut ties with loved ones we've come to the conclusion aren't the right fit for us.

 We know that we can't continue to be with these soon-to-be-ex partners or pals, regardless of whether we notice poisonous qualities in them or predict problems down the road.

This week, with Mercury in Aquarius to start the week, we will be listening to our intuition and acting on it if it tells us to leave. If we don't move on, Moon square Neptune will have us seeing a vile future. 

1. Leo 

In addition to being ready to call it quits and start over with someone new, you might discover that your tolerance is completely worn thin during the week of February 5–11, 2024, and that this could perhaps be hurtful to your partner.

2. Aquarius

You are aware of something that you may not have disclosed to your romantic relationship: you and your lover had a protracted breakup. 

3. Pisces 

You feel what naturally comes to you, and your body and soul are telling you that this relationship is no longer what it previously was, whatever that may have been. 

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