36 Year old Emmy Rossum plays the mom of 27 year old Tom Holland and people are questioning the Gap

I was today's age when I learnt that Emmy Rossum will play Tom Holland's mother.

Close-up of Emmy Rossum. Gotham/GC Images They appear to be co-starring in The Crowded Room, a new Apple TV+

limited series drama executive produced by Tom Holland. Tom plays Danny Sullivan, "a man who was arrested following his involvement in a shooting in New York City in 1979.

 Emmy will portray his young mother, Candy. Close-up of Emmy Rossum as Candy. Close-up of Tom Holland as Danny in Apple's advertisement.

However, the Shameless star is only 36 years old. Close-up of Emmy Rossum.

Tom turned 27 a few days ago. Close-up of Tom Holland.

This suggests their age difference is fewer than ten years. And, while it appears ridiculous on paper, Emmy was unconcerned by the unusual age gap.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Emmy discussed playing Tom's "super young" mother. "It makes sense when I read the script," she told me. "

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