5 Zodiac Signs Have The Best Horoscopes The Week Mercury Enters Aquarius Beginning February 5

People will come if you build. Week of February 5–11, 2024, has that energy.

Pisces, Aries, Scorpio, Libra, and Taurus will have the finest horoscopes under this influence, but the rest of the signs can benefit too!

First, cosmic energies are overhyped this week. On February 5, Mercury in Aquarius began the marathon, and on February 9, the New Moon in Aquarius ended it. 


Pisces, you'll make pals everywhere this week. The cosmos is on your side, so don't be surprised when help arrives before you ask! Definitely a supernatural week.


Aries, worry is over! This week, cosmic forces accompany you backstage. So whoever has been a thorn in your side for so long will suddenly find their path diverted away from you or karma will give them a clear warning sign.


Scorpio, the first half of the week will be a combination of happiness and frustration. When overwhelmed, do your best and be kind to yourself. 


Libra, the universe wants you to succeed! Are you feeling it? This energy is best accessed by selecting oneself and rejecting commitments or social duties that drain your spirit or take time away from self-care and other vital initiatives.


Taurus, the cosmos has given you control this week with no disturbance. What will you do with this blank slate? This may make you feel adrift or purposeless, especially if authoritarian people have sought to remove your power.

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