After Steve Kerr made some flopping remarks, LeBron James hit back.

Those who believe in the game's essential rules have been critical of the NBA for its inconsistency for a long time. 

Defensive players have little choice but to reward foul-baiting by players like James Harden, Joel Embiid, and Trae Young.

Naturally, the converse is also true.

The fans have known for a long time that every team and every celebrity has flopped. 

The coaches strive to speak up when they see an opportunity that benefits their opponents.

As an example, Steve Kerr, coach of the Golden State Warriors, recently went on an anti-flopping tirade in which he blasted the Lakers for trying to trick the officials during their playoff series.

Well, you can actually find multiple compilations of LeBron's embarrassing gaffes online in less a minute, so maybe he shouldn't be the one to bring this up. 

Before a game that they absolutely had to win, it could have been Kerr attempting to exert pressure on the officials.

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