Bill Belichick is likely done coaching in the NFL

The expression "end of an era" has been used frequently in the football world recently

Nick Saban retired in Alabama, Bill Belichick was "ushered" out of New England, and Pete Carroll was appointed as an advisor in Seattle.

ll championship coaches, and many believe the game has past them by. Initially, Belichick was expected to return to the NFL's sidelines next season. 

However, Belichick's rejection in this cycle means we've likely seen the last of "The Hoodie" in the NFL.

At almost 72 years old (he turns 72 in April), taking this year off means Belichick will be 73 before returning to the sidelines in the fall of 2025. 

 Many believe the league passed him years ago, and The Hoodie has failed to adapt

While Patriots fans cherish (he thanked them with a full-page Boston Globe ad) every time with Belichick over the last 24 years, most believe that once Tom Brady left, that was it.

The perceived lack of attention he received during the current coaching cycle indicates that the league has officially moved on.

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