Bills QB Josh Allen’s Lone MVP Voter Speaks Out Amid Criticism

The sole voter who voted for Josh Allen, the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, to win the Most Valuable 

Player award had no qualms about stopping Lamar Jackson from receiving a unanimous vote with his vote.

Due to the fact that Aaron Schatz of FTNFantasy was the only writer to give Allen a first-place nod, 

 the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens was able to win the award for the second time in his career. 

He came close to becoming the first athlete in the history of sporting events to win the award with two unanimous votes.

In spite of the fact that the choice was met with significant opposition, Schatz remained steadfast in his vote and communicated his intent to his detractors.

Despite the fact that Allen had a successful season, leading the Bills to a fourth consecutive AFC East victory and leading the league with 44 total touchdowns,

Jackson was considered a guaranteed candidate for Most Valuable Player by the time the season came to a close.

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