Caitlin Clark faces history, and each moment produces hysteria.

LINCOLN, Nebraska — The first fan outside Pinnacle Bank Arena was captured on security footage at 4 a.m., eight hours before the game's scheduled start time.

As the countdown clock ticked down, people formed lines that stretched around the next block on the south side and filled a pedestrian bridge on the north side. 

Fans discussed when they purchased the coveted tickets, where they traveled from, and what they expected to see inside the arena.

Will Caitlin Clark become Division I's all-time scorer on Sunday? If No. 2 Iowa wins a blowout, will they sit her late to end the streak at home?

Emily Vitosh, an 18-year-old who went from Falls City, Iowa, with her mother, created a countdown sheet 

with stapled numbers to tear off for each Clark point, much like a basketball scoreboard at a middle school gym.

She pulled off enough to reduce it from 39 to eight following the standout guard's 31-point, 10-assist outburst. Across the arena, a small girl with a marker performed the same on a poster-sized chart.

Clark, who became the first player to reach 3,000 points and 1,000 assists, focused solely on the figures on the video board hanging between them. And they demonstrated 

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