Chris Stapleton Triumphs With Best Country Song at the 2024 Grammys

Even though the 2024 Grammy Awards event has not yet officially began, Chris Stapleton is already off to a solid start in the competition.

During the Premiere Ceremony, which took place on Sunday afternoon (February 4),

the success of the country star's hit single "White Horse" earned him the award for Best Country Song.

Despite the fact that Stapleton was not present to personally take his prize, his co-writer Dan 

Wilson ascended the stage to claim it on his behalf. The Grammy for Best Country Song is awarded to the songwriters.

Wilson went on to express his gratitude to his family, friends, team, and the voters at the Grammy Awards.

Wilson has also collaborated with artists like as the Chicks, Carole King, and Adele on the composition of songs.

Before he exited the stage, Wilson completed his remarks by saying, "My deepest gratitude goes out to Chris for writing with me."

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