Coach of football at UCLA, Chip Kelly, is leaving.

The Chip Kelly era in Westwood is over.

Kelly was hired as Ohio State's offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach on Friday night after six seasons in Westwood.

The experienced head coach had an emotional meeting with players Friday to explain his departure. No interim coach has been named.

UCLA is recruiting nationwide for a head coach. Athletic Director Martin Jarmond has given players 96 hours to decide whether to transfer.

Jarmond: “Timing is a challenge. “Timing is difficult, but there's never a good time to change or search. That’s life. We'll focus on finding the next program leader instead of that."

Executive team members Erin Adkins, Christina Munger-Rivera, and Josh Rebholz will help Jarmond find a coach.

After Kelly called him Friday morning to announce his departure, the athletic director informed reporters that the university was prepared to continue its coaching hunt.

Over the past two weeks, Kelly interviewed for various NFL offensive coordinator positions.

Despite being the only program in the sport to seek for a new head coach when the majority of the collegiate coaching job cycle has ended, Jarmond is confident the university will succeed.

With all players having a 30-day window to transfer out and find another university to continue their careers, the roster could take a major hit, although the timing of the opening may limit their alternatives. 

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