Cowboys News: Micah disses T.J. Watt, Gilmore wants to stay, Hendershot had surgery

Several famous Cowboys made the media rounds in Las Vegas, providing Cowboys Nation with plenty to think about as the season approaches Super Bowl LVIII. Micah Parsons hinted at a possible contract extension, 

 discussed where he wants to go eventually, and managed to undermine one of the league's greatest defenders. Stephon Gilmore revealed his plans for next season,

Darren Woodson lamented his most recent Hall of Fame snub, and Emmitt Smith is just another unhappy Cowboys fan these days.In other news,

we have the latest reaction to Mike Zimmer's hire in Dallas, Aden Durde's departure from Dallas, and Jerry Jones' efforts to persuade the NFL to return the Super Bowl to Dallas. 

The league pulls a bait-and-switch on Dak Prescott and a major end-of-year award, three Cowboys are revealed to be recovering from postseason surgery, 

the O-line adds a Husky in a new mock draft, and the NFL travels to Spain for the first time. That and more in this issue of News and Notes.

The veteran played all 17 games in what was expected to be a one-year rental arrangement. But "I want to come back," Gilmore said this week, coming off a season in which he played a considerably

more vital role than expected when the Cowboys lost Trevon Diggs for the year. "We can't speak till March. But that is the aim, because I believe we have the elements to reach where we want to go, and I want to be a part of it.

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