Deion Sanders' second offseason at Colorado: Have Buffs enhanced roster and staff?

Year 2 of Deion Sanders' Colorado project has begun, and Sanders' hallmark swagger, leaning into and exceeding expectations, is already resonating across the offseason.

The Buffaloes went 4-8 last season, an improvement over the 1-11 squad he took over, but they dropped eight of their last nine games.

With the College Football Playoff growing from four to twelve teams, Sanders stated last month that his team will "definitely" make the field this season.

"Last year, we were seven points away from seven or eight more wins. "We just didn't know how to win," Sanders admitted during an appearance on Fox Sports 1.

In contrast to the previous year, when Sanders shook up college football by bringing in 87 new players, Sanders' roster did not go through a complete revamp this time around. However, 

, he will still have to deal with a significant amount of employee churn. There are four new members joining Colorado's coaching staff, in addition to other changes.

A total of twenty-four transfers and seven high school prospects have been accepted by the Buffaloes. Only one school, Louisville, acquired further transfers during the offseason

 despite the fact that this transfer class is ranked fifth nationally. Taking into consideration the Composite Team Recruiting Rankings provided by 247Sports

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