Deion Sanders tells Roger Goodell he wanted his nephew with him at Colorado

Deion Sanders has enjoyed Roger Goodell's company for a very long time. As a result of teaching his nephew at Jackson State, 

the football coach for the Colorado Buffaloes is one of the few legends who has a special connection to the commissioner of the National Football League.

It was even acknowledged by Coach Prime that he desired for Charlton Goodell to accompany him to Colorado during the changeover that

 took place the previous year. When he was spending a moment with the most powerful player in the league on Thursday night at NFL Honors,

He mentioned this as one of the things he told him. In addition, Goodell had the chance to speak with Shilo and Shedeur Sanders,

they talked about the upcoming season as well as returning to Colorado for the last season. 

Charlton Goodell made a commitment to Coach Prime at JSU and formed a positive relationship with Shilo.

Shilo confessed that he desired to be reunited with his defensive teammate. Subsequently, he left the historically black college or university and relocated to Buffalo the previous year.

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