Dolly Parton Finally Opens Up About Elle King's Fumbled Opry Tribute

Following last month's terrible Dolly Parton homage at the Grand Ole Opry, Dolly Parton has found an unlikely ally: the Queen herself.

"She just had a little too much to drink," Parton explained to Extra TV in a recent interview. "So let's just forgive that and forget it and move on, because she felt worse than anybody ever could."

King faced immediate and widespread criticism for her expletive-laden rendition of Parton's "Marry Me." First and foremost,

the "America's Sweetheart" singer admitted to being "f***ng hammered" when she took the stage at the Grand Ole Opry for a concert celebrating Parton's 78th birthday.

King appeared to stumble over the words to Parton's 2001 single, stating onstage, "This s*** is f***ing fast. "How did Dolly sing this s***?" She then protested, "Everybody's looking at me like I know this s***."

King was heavily condemned online. One fan in the Opry audience apparently resorted to social media to criticize actor Rob Schneider's daughter for her "horrible, drunk, and profane performance." 

This prompted a direct response from the Opry's official account, which stated that it "deeply regretted and apologize[d] for" King's profanity.

Stella Parton, the singer's younger sister, chimed in on King's botched tribute—and she had a lot to say.

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