Drake comments on the viral X-rated video leak that started memefest.

Netizens couldn't believe Drake's X-rated video, so they started a meme fest.

Thousands reacted to a leaked ‘NSFW’ Drake video on X, showing the Canadian musician naked and having sex.

Drake's X-rated video becomes viral.

The video was initially assumed to be a deepfake employing Artificial Intelligence, like Taylor Swift's two weeks before. 

 No, everything is real!Kickstreamer Adin Ross, who has worked with Drake, posted a voice memo regarding the footage. 

In the social media recording, Ross adds, “We was just looking at the s***. Crazy bro, goddamn. 

 You're gifted with your voice, performing, being you, being number one, and having a f***ing missile.Drake's video leak comments

Ross said Drake emailed him, “Put like eight laughing emojis”, and suggested he utilize the streamer's audio message as his “next album intro”.

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