Experts Suggest 9 Healing Plants to Have in Your Home.

Aloe vera

Many people are familiar with aloe vera as a topical gel to put on sunburned skin. Although this succulent thrives in warm and hot climates and needs ample sunlight, aloe can be grown indoors if you have a space with a sunny window.


Jiaogulan, also known as “sweet tea vine,” is a vining plant that can grow indoors if it gets enough sunlight. Haynes explains that it “belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, making it a cousin of butternut squash.” 


Most people recognize lavender for its scent and purple flowers, since they’re often used as decoration as well as in aromatherapy. “Lavender is a medicinal plant that everyone should have,” Baker says, “for its relaxing and stress-reducing properties.”


Mint is an easy herb to grow. In fact, it grows so well when it’s happy that it’s best in its own container, as mint will dominate whatever space it’s planted in. Mint comes in an array of varieties. “My favorite mints are yerba buena and chocolate mint,” says Baker. “

Lemon balm

A member of the mint family, lemon balm has a fragrant lemon aroma. This herb can grow inside, preferably near a sunny window. Just be sure to plant it separately from other herbs and in its own pot, because lemon balm, like mint, will spread and take over the space.


Moringa has been hitting the health aisles for its antioxidant properties, minerals, vitamins and array of potential benefits. “Moringa trees make really beautiful indoor plants,” says Haynes. “Ideally, you start them outside and give them plenty of light


Oregano often comes to mind to shake onto pizza, a sub or tomato-based pasta dishes. But you get some added perks besides that zesty flavor: “Oregano is a carminative herb, so it’s good for digestive support,” Beauchemin says


Rosemary is a hardy, Mediterranean shrub that loves lots of sun and warm temperatures. “Rosemary is also a favorite healing plant to grow indoors,” says Baker. Rosemary has properties that can relieve gas and bloating.


Thyme is another hardy culinary herb that doubles as a medicinal herb. Thyme leaves can be used to make a soothing tea or sprinkled onto all kinds of dishes, soups or salads.

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