Heath Ledger's co-star from The Dark Knight forgot his lines after watching his portrayal as the Joker: "I Flipped…"

Christopher Nolan has made some wonderful films, but one of his most notable contributions to cinema is casting Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight. 

The actor died at an early age but left his imprint on the globe. He received numerous honors for his performance, including Golden Globes and an Academy Award.

During this year's Golden Globes ceremony, Nolan revealed that his last appearance on stage was to accept an award for Heath. 

As a result, the filmmaker experienced an emotional moment. Heath provided his advice while playing the part in Nolan's film,

which the Oppenheimer producer originally questioned but ultimately decided to trust the artist in him.

Heath Ledger's performance was so brilliant that one of his The Dark Knight co-stars, a senior, was astonished and flipped. 

The picture will always be remembered for a variety of reasons. Heath, the Clown Prince of Crime, tops the list. Even though a method actor like Christian Bale played the lead, Heath received more attention and appreciation than the Batman actor.

Michael Caine, the elder actor, was shocked by Heath Ledger's performance, and he spoke about it in an interview. For those unfamiliar, Caine played Bruce Wayne's trusty butler, Alfred. 

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