Honeycomb Chocolate Candy

Discover the deliciously crunchy world of chocolate honeycomb candy.

This delectable delight is a light, crispy treat coated in chocolate for a delectable holiday snack

Chocolate Covered Honeycomb Candy is a light, bubble-filled Christmas delight. 

This honeycomb candy is coated in chocolate for added flavor and to keep it fresher longer.

This sweet treat is enjoyable to create, but it is more difficult than some of my other seasonal candy recipes, such as Christmas cream cheese mints or polar bear claws. 

You'll need a candy thermometer to get the sugar at the correct temperature for the light and fluffy texture.

Honeycomb candy, also known as cinder toffee, is a light and airy texture with a crunchy texture and a caramelized sugar flavor. 

Enjoy this sweet treat....

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