How many carbs should you eat daily to lose weight?

Calorie intake is more crucial for weight loss than avoiding certain nutrients or foods. 

 Carbohydrates are necessary for health, and standards recommend that 45-65% of daily calories come from them.

Carbohydrates are the body's primary source of energy. They are important for good health and proper organ function.

Many diets propose limiting carbohydrate intake to aid in weight loss, but doing so carries hazards.

Limiting carbohydrate intake can result in short-term weight loss as water retention decreases, but it is rarely a sustainable long-term strategy.

Weight reduction occurs when a person consumes less calories than they expend over time, which is more significant than avoiding certain food groups.

This article examines how many carbohydrates are required to lose weight and whether a low carb diet is beneficial.

Low carb diets limit the calories a person consumes by restricting carbohydrate dietary sources. 

 People will often increase their fat and protein intake to compensate for the drop in calories from carbohydrate sources.

Many people advocate for low carb diets for weight loss since carbs are the body's primary energy source, and with a limited supply, the body may burn its fat and protein.

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