Illusion: Can You Find The Hidden Face In This Image In 11 Seconds? How to Fix the Hidden Face Optical Illusion

Visual illusions are caused by the visual system. Its visual perception appears different from reality. 

In other words, optical illusion is a visual deception where we misinterpret what we perceive. Color, light, and patterns in optical illusions deceive and confuse. 

Physical, physiological, and cognitive optical illusions exist.

Multi-sensory and optical illusions include vision. For psychological disorder monitoring and rehabilitation, it can be employed in medicine.

Optical illusions are the latest internet challenge. Most people like difficult puzzles and activities because they enable them escape reality. 

Optical Illusion challenges have been attracting people lately because they keep them up and improve their observation skills. 

Hidden Face This image is an optical illusion. Can you find the face in 11 seconds? Hidden Face Explanation and Solution The optical illusion Are you seeking exciting online challenges? Your location is correct. Refresh your brain with this optical illusion. 

 Find the hidden Face in this image to test your vision and IQ. This hidden face can only be seen in 11 seconds by hawkeyes. What about you? Want to test your vision and IQ?

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