It is the Year of the Dragon. Here's your guide for the Lunar New Year.

Many Asian countries, like Vietnam and Korea, celebrate the New Year around this time. 

 Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year, is the most important event in China and many other Asian communities. 

 It is an annual 15-day event that begins with the new moon between January 21 and February 20 on the Western calendar. 

The festivity continues until the next full moon. The event began as a time to celebrate and honour home and celestial deities, as well as ancestors.

Chinese New Year in 2024 begins on February 10 and concludes with the Lantern Festival on February 24.

Celebrations can continue up to 16 days; the Chinese public holiday runs from February 10 to February 17.

The Lunar New Year represents the transition from one animal to another.

Year of the Rabbit, which began January 22, 2023, will finish on February 9. The Year of the Dragon begins on February 10. The Year of the Dragon last occurred in 2012.

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