Jason Kelce's daughter is her uncle Travis' mini-me — and even has his 'intensity,' says her father.

On this week's episode of their podcast New Heights with Jason and Travis, Jason Kelce, 36, and his brother Travis Kelce, 32, discussed the Philadelphia Eagles center's recent trip to Disney World with his family.

Jason also revealed which of his daughters he believes most resembles their Uncle Trav.

Jason and his wife Kylie have three daughters: Bennett (11 months), Elliotte (2½), and Wyatt (4 years old).

"The NFL also put out a video of the whole family at Disney, and it looks like you and Ellie.

Travis says, referring to the charming video in which Jason twirls about on the teacups with his daughter.

"We did. We went on the teacups, but Wyatt still refuses to go on any rides. She's a little scaredy cat," Jason says of his oldest.

"I was like that though. I wasn't huge on rides when I was little. Actually, even through high school, I was like, 'F--- rollercoasters,'" Travis recalled. "

"That's funny since I've always felt Ellie matched your passion and, to be honest, looked like you.

 She enjoys rides. "She is not afraid of rides at all," Jason explains.

When Jason arrived in Orlando for the Pro Bowl, he joked about changes to the event's format since his prior participation.

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