Kelly Clarkson reveals the one thing her children are "not allowed" to have at home "ever"

Kelly Clarkson appears to have figured out success, but when it comes to motherhood, the singer/TV personality admits she is learning as she goes. 

 In raising daughter Rive Rose, 9, and son Remington Alexander, 7, the singer shared the significance of rules—one of which she stated will never alter in her household.

Clarkson has spent the previous two decades in the music industry, so she is aware of the pitfalls that come with being in the spotlight.

 And, with the rise of social media, the singer's concerns appear to have risen. 

 She told People, "That may be incredibly difficult for kids in general, but especially for kids whose parents are in the public glare. 

So I told them they couldn't have [social media] under my house."

Clarkson shares the children with her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, but she can enforce the rule at home. 

 She remembered her daughter pushing the social media regulation.

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