Making the Outlander Prequel Film Will Boost Tourism and Culture in Scotland 

'Blood of My Blood,' the prequel to the popular TV series Outlander, is ready to roll cameras in Glasgow, Scotland, and in newly designed facilities in Cumbernauld.

 This decision not only keeps local film and television talent in the nation, but it also increases capacity for future projects. 

The first Outlander series, a notable American production, strongly featured Scottish culture through its choice of actors, accents, settings, and historical topics, resulting in a phenomenon known as "The Outlander Effect."

The 'Outlander Effect' has dramatically increased tourism in Scotland, with visitor numbers at numerous historical locations skyrocketing following their appearance in the show.

Aside from its fascinating narrative, this time-travel thriller has been a catalyst for Scotland's tourism sector. 

 Researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University believe that this influence will result in a 45-200% rise in tourism in several Scottish regions. 

Many tour providers have taken advantage of this opportunity, offering 'Outlander' experiences throughout Scotland, fueling interest in the book-turned-TV series.

Outlander: A Historical Drama? Despite its success, Outlander's representation of Scotland has stirred arguments regarding the country's desired international image. 

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