Master How to Make Cakes Bake Evenly Each and Every Time

Lopsided cakes (that are not intentionally tilted) leave something to be desired. Tilted cakes appear less finished than the look you are likely striving for, and they are difficult to frost properly and stack layer cake-style. 

After decades of baking, our Test Kitchen specialists have compiled a list of suggestions for how to correct a lopsided sheet cake and how to ensure that cake bakes properly. 

Whether you're baking a classic cake or exhibiting a completely unusual taste combination, these tips will teach you everything you need to know to avoid tilted cakes.

Try a different mixing procedure. If you only have lopsided cakes on occasion, it could be due to your mixing technique. Try beating the cake batter for another minute or so the next time. 

Consider using "reverse-creaming" to combine the batter: Combine the dry ingredients and butter, then add the remaining liquid components, such as eggs and vanilla.

Keep track of your body temperature. An oven that is excessively hot can also result in uneven baking.

To check the accuracy of your oven, use an oven thermometer ($15 from OXO). Then adjust accordingly: If it's 25 degrees higher than the default,

simply reduce the baking temperature by 25 degrees. If the temperature is off by more than 25 degrees, you should probably recalibrate your oven.

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