Netflix Is Making a Mistake With 'Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver'

Last Monday, the MPA rating board confirmed that the sequel will once again be rated PG-13. It acquired that classification due to scenes of intense violence, brief, strong language, and suicide.

Given the first film's reception and performance, contrary to popular belief, and the fact that there are reportedly better versions of these films in the works, 

we believe it is a mistake for the franchise and Netflix to release this second film, at least in its current form.Despite appearing to be delighted with the movie's success, 

as evidenced by a thorough blog entry on their internal Netflix blog, the debut film failed to achieve the lofty expectations set for it, falling short of Netflix's best hits.

The chart below compares the first 10-day debuts of a plethora of Netflix movies, while Rebel Moon trails titles such as Luther: Fallen Sun, Me Time, Day Shift, Enola Holmes 2, and many more.

According to Netflix, the film charted globally for four weeks in total, accumulating 165.10 million viewing hours, with a 67% reduction in viewing hours in the third week and a further 65% drop in the fourth week, causing it to tumble out of the Netflix top ten entirely.

This rapid decrease and shaky debut extends to other data, including FlixPatrol figures and external indicators like Google Trends,

which currently reveal that interest in Rebel Moon is at the same, if not lower, than it was before the first film's release.

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