Olivia Dunne Got a Ring on Her Finger, Courtesy of Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl Champion

The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl on Sunday, and we still can't get enough of the action at Allegiant Stadium. From the Chiefs' 25-22 triumph over the San Francisco 49ers to Taylor Swift's 

 halftime show, the historic event was a highlight of the year.The afterparties in lively Las Vegas brought even 

more brightness to the evening, with a slew of celebrities attending. Olivia Dunne, the NCAA's highest-paid female athlete, was one of the stars in attendance,

adding a touch of elegance to the celebration. Following the Kansas City Chiefs' thrilling conquest of the Lombardi Trophy, Olivia Dunne proudly displayed a sign of their hard-fought accomplishment.

Olivia Dunne, 21, surprised her admirers with a Snapchat story featuring NFL royalty. In a brief behind-the-scenes video at a Super Bowl party, the 21-year-old captured a ring being placed on 

her finger. And it wasn't just any ring.  And not just any ring; this was the coveted Super Bowl ring, a sign of greatness bestowed upon the members of

the winning team in the league's pinnacle game.Isiah Pacheco, called "Pop," the running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, placed his ring on Livvy's finger in a beautiful gesture that left her fans speechless. She captioned her post with "LOL,

 as she recorded a close-up of the ring, followed by Pacheco's sparkling face. In a following story, Livvy shared another close-up of the enormous gold ring, a prestigious award, along with a "Drip" emoji.

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