Optical Illusion Personality Test: What You See First Reveals Your Approach to Relationships and Friendships

An optical illusion purporting to disclose your personality type has spread throughout social media, eliciting a variety of reactions from users. 

Mia Yilin posted this unusual image, which viewers could interpret as a lion or a forest, implying attributes of organization or a love for adventure, respectively.

Seeing the forest first implies that you have an optimistic attitude on love, constantly looking for the best in others. When confronted with unexpected adjustments in others' actions

your honesty and trust in them can leave you feeling deceived. You may be naturally reticent and avoid making new connections at first, but your warmth and genuine personality will gradually come through.

Spotting the lion first indicates that you are selective about your social circle, cherishing a few friends among many. Your altruism and propensity for prioritizing others'

well-being over venting your grievances make you a valued companion. You are hesitant to impose and want to keep your problems private unless absolutely essential.

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