Optical Illusion Spot the Difference Picture Puzzle: Test your observation skills and spot 3 differences in this Air hostess Pictures in 12 second

Optical illusions capture the imagination and challenge our perceptions of reality. These visual occurrences fool the brain into questioning what we see.

 Optical illusions, which are frequently characterized by deceptive shapes, colors, and patterns

take advantage of the brain's inclination to make assumptions about the visual information it receives.

The mind can interpret two-dimensional visuals as three-dimensional or see motion when none occurs.

 Artists and designers employ these illusions to produce captivating pieces that challenge conventional thinking.

The ambiguous figure is a typical sort of optical illusion in which the brain struggles to choose between different interpretations of the same image.

Optical illusions are not only entertaining, but they also reveal important information about the complexity of human vision.

As we explore and admire these mind-bending inventions, we gain a better knowledge of the subtle interplay between our eyes and brains

coming to light the fascinating nuances of our visual environment.

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