Optical Illusion Test: If you can spot the parrot in the room in 8 seconds, you have exceptional talents.

The image above depicts a glimpse of a living room. A potted plant is near the window, and there is a stack of notebooks and an oil lamp on the table. 

 Near the plant, there is also an umbrella on the ground. Surprisingly, this optical illusion puzzle has a parrot.

But where exactly is it? That is what you must discover. We'll give you 8 seconds to find the hidden parrot. Set your timers and get your glasses. 

The first image you notice can reveal information about your true personality.

This optical illusion will put your vision, perception, and observational skills to the test. The image's parrot is there in front of you.

 If you want to solve this optical illusion challenge, all you have to do is modify your perception. 

At the end of the essay, we gave the solution to this problem. Make sure you scroll down to see it only after you've tried to solve it on your own.

Time is up.... here is the solution

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