Outlander filming location and 'romantic' Scottish beauty spot goes up for sale

A popular Scottish tourist destination, known for appearances in Outlander and Hollywood films, is available for sale. 

The Devil's Pulpit, a natural valley between Glasgow and Loch Lomond, used as the fictional St Ninian's Spring in Outlander.

The 23-acre property, which has also appeared in Detective Pickachu, King Arthur, and The Eagle, is being auctioned with planning clearance

for a visitor center, restaurant, cafe, shop, events area, and parking lot. It has become a popular 'Set-Jetting' destination for travelers who want to see where their favourite series and movies were filmed.

The plans are apparently expected to generate an investment of £2.7 million, with the spot being popular amongst both prominent filmmakers

 and tourists alike. It is estimated that a prospective visitor attraction will receive roughly 350,000 people each year, with approximately 70,000 already visiting annually.

The landowner, David Young, stated: "There is an opportunity here in Finnich Glen to develop a tourism attraction of national importance. 

 It is a stunning Scottish monument that attracts visitors from all over the world; it has previously been dubbed Scotland's Grand Canyon in miniature."

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