Paige Spiranac Shows How To Hit A Fade In New TikTok After ‘Saving’ The Brewers’ Season 

Paige Spiranac, a popular golf influencer who was recently credited with salvaging a Major League Baseball team's season, has just posted a new TikTok video showing how to hit a fade golf shot. 

That's correct. Wisconsin radio broadcaster Grant Bilse believes Paige Spiranac "saved" the Milwaukee Brewers season. 

"Brewers fans owe Paige Spiranac a great debt," Bilse told the New York Post. "When the season was at its lowest point in April and May, her bobblehead night became a ray of hope for fans. 

"By the time the day arrived, Brewers supporters were truly pleased to welcome Paige to Milwaukee. Golf Night 2023 nearly became the second opening day... a fresh start for a season that had changed for the better. 

"On June 16, the night Paige Spiranac threw out the first pitch on her bobblehead day, the Brewers were 34-34, one game back in the National League Central. 

Since that night, Milwaukee has gone 58-36, winning the NL Central by nine games. So perhaps there is substance to what he is saying. 

Anyway, whether Paige Spiranac played a role in the Brewers' turnaround is debatable, but there is no doubt that the woman understands her golf, as seen by countless instructional videos. 

Paige's latest TikTok video demonstrates how to hit a fade. "First, open your club face, then your stance, and finally your shoulders," says Spiranac.

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