Patrick Mahomes Makes His Opinion On Brock Purdy Clear

Super Bowl 58 tells the story of two quarterbacks with dramatically different career paths.

While Patrick Mahomes may add to his already famous resume with a third Lombardi Trophy, Brock Purdy has the opportunity to complete the ultimate underdog story. 

The Kansas City Chiefs star told reporters on Monday night that he likes what he's seen from his San Francisco 49ers adversary since Purdy's time at Iowa State."I've seen Brock play since he was in college, I knew how good he was," Mahomes was quoted as saying. 

I watched him play. I watch the Big 12, so I saw him play a lot. He was a winner who consistently made plays during his college career. 

Typically, if you can make it happen in college — regardless of your surroundings — and turn around a school like he did at Iowa State, you'll make it happen when you get your chance in the NFL. 

"So I wasn't surprised by his accomplishment because he's a winner and a competitor. And I've always said that in addition to being a football player, you have to be a competitor, and he's always been one of those guys.

Their collegiate careers did not overlap, but Purdy's Cyclones won three of four games over Mahomes' old mater, Texas A&M. Purdy had 1,286 passing yards, 10 touchdowns, and three interceptions against the Red Raiders.

"He's always been a winner, and that's what you need in this league. "It's not always the flashy plays," he explained. "The question is: can you go out there and win? He does both: showy and wins football games.

To date, Purdy has a 21-5 record as an NFL starter. He guided San Francisco to successive comeback victory over the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions, clinching the NFC title.

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