Raiders Make Final Decision on Davante Adams Trade Plans: Insider

Many talking heads in Las Vegas spoke a lot about Super Bowl 58 on Sunday, but most of it was of little relevance to those outside of San Francisco and Kansas City.

 However, on NFL Network, team insiders poked around the early parts of the offseason before it even began in earnest. And the Raiders

are undoubtedly one of the teams to monitor, especially since they have one of the most talked-about players on the rumor mill, wide receiver Davante Adams.

Over the last two months, there has been speculation that Adams, 31, may seek to leave Las Vegas and push a trade to rejoin his old quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, with the Jets. 

 There has been widespread conjecture that the Raiders would be amenable to it.Not so soon, though.

 On the NFL Network's pregame program, insider Ian Rapoport suggested the following about an Adams deal:

"The Las Vegas Raiders are in win-now mentality and are not in the business of giving away players, which is why, from what I gather, Aaron Rodgers

has been attempting to recruit Davante Adams to the Jets—remember, the Jets made a run at him this past year, but there was nothing there. Expected to try again this offseason.

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