Resetting the Suns bench was the appropriate course of action.

The trade deadline has passed and we are now in a new phase. 

Oh my. It's always a busy day, especially if you're among the many teams vying for the buyer position.

 It's time to pause, reflect, and consider the implications of what transpired for the Phoenix Suns going forward.

Suns general manager James Jones was able to tighten things and bolster the roster with the few assets at his disposal. Sure, get better.

Yes, I am aware of this. A few of you have sentimental ties to the guys on the fringe.

You said, "Yuta Watanabe is MY guy!" this summer. He will elevate this team!"

Yes, I understand. Let go, guy. He played 29 games in six months.

Free agency began in July with much fanfare. The Suns had few guns after acquiring Bradley Beal to play with Devin Booker and Kevin Durant.

 They bought most things out of necessity. However, they signed young, athletic, “prove it” players.

Unfortunately, they failed to capitalize this season.

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