Simple and adorable nail designs to try at your next appointment.

Your biweekly nail session can serve as a self-care ritual that helps you stay grounded and energised throughout the week. 

The relaxation begins when you sit in the salon chair or pull out your selection of nail paints to create your favourite designs at home. Nothing can stop these moments of absolute happiness. 

That is, unless you are unable to decide what to get this time.

That's where our collection of basic and adorable nail designs comes in.

The best part about this inspiration is that it can be applied all year long and for almost any occasion. 

Whether you want a sombre winter manicure design, warm autumn hues, vibrant summer nails or pastels to prepare for spring, you'll find various inventive options below.

We have designs with charming hearts that are ideal for Valentine's Day. 

There are also many versions of a French manicure and neutral-toned nails adorned with glitter, gold, pearls, or white that could be used as wedding day nails.

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