Super Bowl draws record 123.4 million viewers, helped by Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

The intrigue surrounding Taylor Swift's attendance, the second-ever end-of-season overtime, and Usher's halftime show drove viewership of the Kansas City Chiefs' second consecutive Super Bowl victory into record territory, with 123.4 million people tuning in to make it the most-watched Super Bowl ever.

The 2024 Super Bowl was rife with viral content. Fans were so concerned Swift wouldn't be able to make her around-the-world trip to see Kelce play that the Japanese Embassy in D.C.

issued a statement confirming she would be able to "wow Japanese audiences" while still "comfortably" arriving in Las Vegas before the game.

Halftime show fans were certain that pop star Justin Bieber would join his mentor Usher on stage, rumors that were only reinforced when the Canadian singer arrived in Las Vegas ahead of the game.

Despite being visible in the stands with his wife Hailey, Bieber did not take the stage, prompting legions of fans to voice their dismay on social media. 

Other storylines that fueled interest in the game included the fact that it was the first Super Bowl to be hosted in Las Vegas; the Chiefs were looking to become the first team in decades to win back-to-back titles;

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy had something to prove; and Chiefs coach Andy Reid's legacy had NFL fans wondering if he'd win his third Super Bowl in five seasons.3. 

That's how many points the Kansas City Chiefs (25) defeated the San Francisco 49ers (22) in overtime on Sunday. It was the second time in history that the Super Bowl went into overtime. 

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