The Reasons Behind Drake's Social Media Trending

Drake posted a shot on Instagram stories hours after the leak, possibly from his private plane cockpit.  

Drake's filthy leaked video trended on social media, according to the Independent.  

The musician appears naked and having sex in the tape.  

Drake received a voice note about the footage from Kick streamer Adin Ross, who has worked with him.  

Mr. Ross told the newspaper, "We looked at the s***. God damn, it's crazy. You're blessed with your voice, performing, being you, being number one, and having a missile."  

Drake replied to Mr. Ross's reply by "putting like eight laughing emojis" and suggesting he use the streamer's voice note for his "next album intro.  

The new Dassault 900 costs $44 million, according to Business Jet Traveler. 

The singer had a Dassault 900 and 7X until January. Island Jet Inc., a holding corporation with the same address as Taylor Swift Productions, owns the Dassault 7X. 

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