Tom Holland addresses Zendaya's breakup rumors after she unfollowed everyone.

Are Tom Holland and Zendaya split up, or is this just another celebrity social media gimmick?

The Spider-Man actor put the breakup rumors to rest this week when his long-term girlfriend Zendaya embarked on an unfollowing binge.

Fans discovered on January 3 that the Euphoria star had unfollowed everyone on Instagram, including her boyfriend Tom Holland.

While most people assumed it was a promotion for a future project (as celebrities are known to do, for some reason), TomDaya followers were concerned.

However, Holland responded to the speculation in a rare forthright remark regarding their relationship. 

The actor was being trailed by a TMZ photographer on Friday when he was quizzed about rumors that he and Zendaya had split up.

Why did Zendaya unfollow everybody on Instagram? Who can say, really? She did take to Instagram to promote her new film, Luca Guadagnino's Challengers,

revealing the official poster just two days before deleting her followers. Other celebrities have been known not to follow anyone on social media. 

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