Trevor Noah explains how Beyoncé saved his hair at the Emmys.

Trevor Noah is already a fan of Beyoncé's hair products. On the February 8 episode of his "What Now? With Trevor Noah" podcast, the comedian said that he needs to have his hair done for the 2024 Emmys.

"I couldn't find a place to get my hair done," he stated, explaining that his hairstylist did not have a salon where he could go. "She texts me and says, 'Hey Trevor,

Beyoncé said we can use her private hair studio if you need to.'" So I ask, 'Which Beyoncé?' I don't want to assume. I mean, I don't have Beyoncé's number. 

I don't even know Beyoncé that well."Noah was then given an address where Beyoncé would hook him up. He described the strange location as similar to a "hair care laboratory."

Once there, he claimed that Beyoncé informed the people that he was on his way, "and then she basically hooks me up with like some secret products that Beyoncé uses, I guess."

Ben Winston, executive producer of the Grammys, then asked Noah if it was why he won an Emmy that night, to which he replied, "I wouldn't be shocked, my friend."

That's why, Noah explained, he went to thank the artist "for saving my hair" at the Grammys, which he hosted on February 4.

Noah's comments come after Beyoncé announced that she is launching a hair care company.

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