Watch Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger reuniting in a State Farm Super Bowl commercial.

It was a reunion that had been planned for decades, and they hope it will serve as a preview of future attractions.

However, for Danny DeVito, reuniting with Arnold Schwarzenegger and figuratively pulling him out of a hot area in State Farm Insurance's Super Bowl advertisement reflects their mutual fondness, which stems from a nearly four-decade friendship.

“I’m always there for him,” DeVito told USA TODAY Sports before his surprise role in Like A Good Neighbaaa, the insurance behemoth’s 60-second Super Bowl entry, was revealed during a second-quarter break.

“He’s always there for me. We have an excellent friendship. On set, we were constantly clowning around, having fun, and breaking chops.

"I am from New Jersey. He's not from New Jersey, but where he comes from, people have the same mindset about keeping things light, fun, and cheerful."

Indeed, Schwarzenegger goes Full Austrian in the spot, straining to pronounce State Farm's slogan until his little co-star from the 1988 blockbuster Twins and its 1994 follow-up Junior saves him.

Even as DeVito, 79, and Schwarzenegger, 76, enter their golden years, DeVito compares the two to the children a teacher does not want sitting together. 

According to DeVito, the two had a natural relationship on set and were "always clowning each other."

DeVito claims he and Schwarzenegger were working on a script featuring the two when Ivan Reitman, director of Twins, Junior, and the original Ghostbusters, died in 2022. 

Reitman's loss was a big setback for both, but they have since restarted in the hopes of establishing another project.

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