"We are proud of you bro" - Themba Gorimbo plans to establish a free accessible solar-powered library in Muvuti Bikita, winning supporters' hearts

Themba Gorimbo garnered even more fans after knocking out Pete Rodriguez at UFC Vegas 85 with his post-fight press conference.

When asked about his 'hunger' as a fighter, Gorimbo claimed that his motivation stems from his desire to promote his native Zimbabwe. 

Gorimbo went on to reveal his plans to sell his battle equipment to create a solar-powered library in Muvuti Bikita for pupils to study in. Continuing his 'hunger' for success,

Gorimbo admitted that he still has a long way to go in his career but vowed to never feel 'full' until Zimbabwe is well cared for, regardless of his accomplishments.

Fans immediately responded positively, with many complimenting the boxer on his performance and applauding his charitable efforts. 

In the comments, Gorimbo fans and Zimbabweans showed how 'proud' they were of him.

Themba Gorimbo entered UFC Vegas 85 with a lot of buzz, and he delivered unexpectedly.

Gorimbo, a grappling specialist, startled spectators by knocking Rodriguez out less than a minute into the card. Immediately following his victory, 

The Answer' asked for his inclusion in the divisional rankings and projected that he would be the welterweight champion by the end of 2024.

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