What Your Venus Sign Reveals About Your Love Language and Relationship Style

Love. Love? Love! We know Venus is the planet of love, but what does this imply for us? When discussing what your Venus sign implies in astrology, the emphasis is always on relationship.  

But Venus' impact extends far beyond sex, romance, and Valentine's Day plans, but don't worry—it includes all of them!

Venus sheds a light on the prism of your heart in your birth chart, revealing the various ways you connect with yourself, others, and the environment.  

Your Venus sign reflects your ideals and desires for love, passion, intimacy, sex, and belonging. It reveals the deeper dimensions of your love language and how you express the most wonderful  

Venus in astrology represents how you present yourself in close relationships with others, as well as what you want from them. Venus has a say in matters concerning family, friends, lovers, partners, and the community.  

Look to Venus for inspiration, as this vivacious and seductive planet seeks to understand what makes humans tick and tingle.  

It also exposes how your emotional scars and shadows developed, enabling you to use your unique Venusian skills to transform these experiences into gifts. If you don't kno 

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