Who now owns the 49ers? How did the DeBartolo York family make their fortune?

The San Francisco 49ers, owned by the DeBartolo York family, have faced criticism for their unique economic model

 Fans of the Niners are frustrated with what they regard as a long-standing issue: the team's unwillingness to change its methods. 

Having said that, their minds may be more concentrated right now on winning Super Bowl LVIII.

DeBartolo comes from a family known for its real estate development. Her brother, Edward J. DeBartolo Jr., 

Following graduation, Marie Denise joined her family's firm, The DeBartolo Corporation, and swiftly rose to the position of executive vice president. 

Following her father's death in 1994, she was appointed co-chairman of the company and eventually handled the sale of all 78 DeBartolo malls, which served as the core of their family business. 

 DeBartolo has led the San Francisco 49ers since 1999, and in 2007 she handed over the reins to her son, Jed York.

The criticism is based on the idea that the team's owners are thrifty billionaires who are set in their ways. 

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