With the launch of “Outlander,” high-seas drama has arrived.

As the much-loved Starz adaptation of Outlander officially set sail during the episode that aired on Sunday, both Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) were once more torn apart.

During the course of “The Doldrums,” Jamie and Claire came to the realization that living at sea was just as perilous as anything they encountered on land.

After a crew that had been stuck at sea and was on the verge of mutiny, another ship that was plagued by sickness stole Claire away from Jamie. 

This was because Claire had helped eradicate the typhoid that had nearly wiped out the crew of the first ship. Despite the fact that both ships were heading in the direction of Jamaica,

 the episode came to a close with the sight of Claire, who appeared to be in a state of panic and helplessness as she was being dragged further away from Jamie.

The fact that the show is currently at sea indicates a departure from the material that Voyager was based on. For those who haven’t read the book yet, I have a question: where does the story go from here, now that this new ship has captured Claire?

In the following episode, Claire is held captive on board the HMS Porpoise, which is a ship that carries the plague, in order to provide medical care for the crew members. 

Jamie is attempting to discover a means to force the captain to follow the Porpoise, while Captain Raines is actually holding him captive aboard the Artemis.

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